Not that you're really interested . . .

So this is the page about me personally. Hmmm. *looks down at page* Not much here. Well, I'll fill in some of the more obvious things.

Handle: randi

Names I'll answer to: Kris, Kris-Kris, randi (it actually happened once, in a real person situation, I mean), Dances with Werewolves (if you're really curious, ask)

Sex: Yes. Oh, you mean "what sex am I? " Why didn't you say so? Female, obviously.

Attached? Yes. At the hip, sometimes. *grin*

Hobbies: Mostly writing fanfic and watching anime. I do love to read, especially science fiction and fantasy, though there are some mystery novels that I do enjoy. (Of course, none can beat the queen of mysteries, Agatha Christie.) I also read comics and manga. I don't watch too much television, but I do like "Star Trek: Enterprise". Oh, and trying to translate doujinshi 1. Not that I'm terribly successful. *grin*

Reading: My reading interests are really not extremely varied. I have authors that I try to stick with, because I know I like their work, and I tend to read books I like over and over again. I've loved Robert A. Heinlein's work for many years, and have most of his books. I also love Melanie Rawn, and am eagerly awaiting her next novel (and have been for how long now? Years, I guess). Her Sunrunner trilogies are just out of this world. Of course, Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern and Talent books are high on the list, though I think her editor is slipping, because I've noticed some glaring errors in some of her recent works that someone should have caught before publication. Jennifer Roberson's "Sword" books are also favorites, as are Katherine Kurtz' Deryni works. Recently, I've gotten hooked on Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.

I DO read non-fiction, just not very much. I like reading about mythology, especially non-classical mythology, though I like the Greek and Roman myths, too. I'm including folklore under this heading, as bookstores frequently file them together. Though I majored in biology at college, I don't very often pick up any life sciences books anymore, even to browse through. I still love my anatomy text, however. I'll look through the history section, though it's rare that I'll buy. I did enjoy the "Uppity Women" series published by Barnes & Noble.

Recommended reading: I STRONGLY suggest you read Archangel, Jovah's Angel, and The Alleluia Files by Sharon Shinn. Fabulous work.

Music: Just about anything, though I really don't like rap/hip-hop/call it what you will. I can listen to classical, but I have to be in the mood for it, and that's not very often. My all-time favorite music is country. I know, you're gagging, but that's ok; my boyfriend thinks I'm insane for liking country, too. But then, I can say the same, because he likes rap. I'm also going retro and getting (back) into '80's music. Country and the 1980's- that's what I grew up on, so it's no wonder I like it.

Perennial favorite songs:

(Yes, there are others, but I'll keep the list short at about a dozen.)

Apparently, I also like tequila.

Films: If you were to ask me what my all time favorite film was, I might not be able to answer. I suppose "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" is pretty close to the top. "Clue" would be another choice; I can quote almost the whole thing from beginning to end. "The Three Musketeers", "Braveheart", and "Jurassic Park" have to be included, as well as "Highlander: Endgame", "The Last of the Mohicans", "A Few Good Men" and "Casablanca". Oh, and "Romancing the Stone" and "Maverick". Pretty eclectic, huh?

Anyway, that's probably more than enough about me. If you have any further questions (unlikely, but always possible, I suppose), just ask.


1 A doujinshi is really a manga drawn by an amateur writer, rather than by the creator of the show/series. Doujinshi are published by circles, or groups. In my mind, I equate them (perhaps erroneously) with fanzines. And while in America, this amateur would be crucified for using the characters without permission, in Japan, the mangaka (or manga artist/writer) doesn't prosecute. Why? Because it's more or less free publicity for the mangaka's own, professional work. Why turn down free publicity?