After Robotech, DNA^2 was my favorite anime series for a long while. I finally saw the entire thing about a year ago now. This will seem odd, but I found the concept to be something I was really interested in, partially because I was a biology major in college. (Huh?)

So what's the deal? Well, there's this kid, about 15 or 16, named Monomori Junta (last name first). He's got a real problem. When he . . . er, well, when he sees a woman as a woman (like if he gets a glimpse of her breasts when she's in the shower, or if he's looking at a girlie magazine), he . . . barfs. No lie! The poor boy has an allergy to women. (Don't laugh- what if this happened to you?!)

Enter Karin, from the future, where over-population is a big problem. As we find out, the Mega-Playboy was born in Junta's time, and impregnated 100 women. The boys born from these unions also became Mega-Playboys and did the same, and so on. Karin is here to stop it, and she's got the bullet to do so. Except Karin wasn't paying attention . . . and insanity ensues.

Random Silliness . . . because I don't know just where else to put it.

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