This has long been one of my favorite television series. Robotech is the American amalgamation of three completely unconnected Japanese anime series. The three series were called Super Dimensional Space Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional Cavalry: Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada. There are thus three generations of Robotech, commonly called Macross, Southern Cross and the New Generation. What follows is a brief description of each "generation". As always, for more detailed information, images, etc., please visit my Links page, and click on the "Robotech" section.

Hikaru and Misa

The Macross Saga

The entire Robotech Saga begins in 1999, when a fiery ship from the night skies crashes on a small Pacific island called Macross. It puts an immediate halt to the Global Civil War then going on, as the antagonists try to discover something about this mysterious vessel. Their finest minds are sent to Macross, to rebuild this ship, now called the SDF-1 (Super Dimensional Fortress). Ten years later, on the day the SDF-1 is to launch, the Zentraedi, a race of giants, appear in force, having tracked the ship from the other side of the galaxy for their overlords, the Robotech Masters. In desperation, Captain Gloval of the SDF-1 decides to use the fold generator, to allow the ship to escape to the far side of the moon. However, this alien technology is not well understood, and the ship ends up near Pluto, along with the island Macross, which was caught up in the fold.

Along with many others- most Robotech fans, I believe- this is my favorite part of the series, even though it has Minmei. Even as a child, I never liked Minmei, or understood her appeal. Who, besides a slightly clueless Rick, could be attracted to such an airhead? *sigh* At least he chose the right woman in the end.

The Army of the Southern Cross

The second part of the story begins 10 years after the Robotech Expeditionary Force has departed for Tirol, the home of the Zentraedi's lords, the Robotech Masters. The central character is Dana Sterling, the daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling. She is a lieutenant in the Army of the Southern Cross, and leads the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corp. The day after her graduation, the Earth is attacked by the Robotech Masters, who have made a 15 year voyage from the other side of the galaxy to retrieve what the Zentraedi failed to: the Protoculture Matrix, hidden somewhere in the SDF-1.

Though I long considered this part not nearly as interesting as Macross, or even Mospeada, I have been convinced otherwise. And Sean Phillips has done the convincing. While watching the Robotech DVDs, I found out just how cool Sean is, which I had never noticed before. I'm thinking of making a cult to him.

The Invid Invasion

The third and last part of the saga begins some unmeasured time after the war against the Robotech Masters has ended. The Invid have already taken over most of the Earth, because it contained the last true Flowers of Life, the center of the Invid life and "religion". The Robotech Expeditionary Force learns of the Invid invasion, and sends a fleet to their war-torn homeworld, to attempt to free it. However, the young pilots are unprepared for the ferocity of the Invid, and are almost completely destroyed, as are all of their ships. The story follows young Scott Bernard, who manages to survive the onslaught, and continues his fight against the Invid on Earth. Along the way to the Invid stronghold, Reflex Point, he gathers a small band of freedom fighters, who are not so much determined to kick the Invid off the planet as they are committed to each other.

For the longest time, this was the only part of Robotech my brother and I had on tape, so this was what I was most familiar with. I always loved Rand, and detested Annie only slightly less than Minmei. I don't think things have changed much, though I do have to admit that now I can't decide if I like this or the Masters better.

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