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Warning: NC-17.  PWP.  Shameless smut.  Call it what you will.


When they awoke, the first thing they noticed was that they were both naked.

Of course, it shouldn’t really have been a surprise; they’d gone to bed that way, too.

The morning air was just a bit chill where bare skin had emerged from beneath the blankets.  Weak sunlight was threatening through the threadbare curtains, strengthening as the sun climbed higher.

Still half-asleep, Ken instinctively shifted, making for the edge of the bed, and thence to verticality.  When you woke up, you got up; it was as simple as that.

Immediately, corded arms wrapped around him from behind, and pulled him so that his back was flush against a body that was more than just warm; heavy hands splayed out over his torso.  One leg wound between both of his.  He could almost feel the definition of chest and abdominal muscles through the skin of his back.  The detail that his senses couldn’t provide, his imagination and memory supplied admirably, and he smiled in appreciation.

A nose worked its way though his cloud of hair and nuzzled at his neck.  The soft explosion of hot breath against the back of his shoulder sent a shiver through him that his still-sleep-fuzzed mind could not stop.  The arms around him tightened a fraction in response to that involuntary movement.  There was a mutter of wordless discontent into the side of his neck, but it subsided when he ran a hand lightly over one of the arms around him.  Then the breathing behind him slowed and evened out again.

Ken smiled wickedly.  Who would have ever thought that the Condor, who makes Galactor goons cry for their mothers, would be such a snugglepuppy?

Now something else was demanding his attention, an area of incredible heat riding up the cleft of his ass, and making him think deliciously inappropriate thoughts.  He felt his own body temperature begin to rise in response.

He wasn’t hard.  Yet.  Nor was Joe.  But he will be.

He angled his hips backward, pressing his ass against Joe’s heat.  The movement awakened a sweet ache within him, the burn that he thought had been satisfied last night rising to fill him again.  The twinge of pain that lingered he ignored.  He’d had worse hurts in practice sessions.

Oh, yeah.  He felt himself starting to harden, blood rushing to his cock, and closed his eyes to mere slits, shutting out the sunlight as it started to creep beyond the worn drapes. 

He pushed back again, rubbing his rear against Joe, feeling incredibly wanton and not really caring.  Nearly soundlessly, he called, “Joe . . .”

Over his shoulder, he heard Joe’s breath catch, then speed up a little, stirring Ken’s hair.  Ken felt the vibration of another mumble into his flesh, and Joe pulled him the fraction of an inch closer that he could.  Now there was absolutely no space between their bodies, Joe’s flat nipples were rubbing against his back with every breath, and Ken could feel a sheen of sweat starting to break out over his shoulders as Joe’s heat and his own built between them.

After a few more moments of wiggling, Ken felt Joe’s shaft swell, growing hotter against his backside.  Then his hips began to rock minutely, mirroring Ken’s movements, and one of his hands started to drift down Ken’s body.  The rough pads of his fingers swirled over the skin of Ken’s hip, intimate, teasing the bruises there that were already fading.

But there was no contact on that part of him that most wanted it.  Ken squirmed, and managed to wriggle enough slack into Joe’s embrace to allow him to turn over.  It wasn’t easy, because, even asleep, Joe definitely didn’t want to let go.  The first thing he did, once they were facing again, was to press himself up against Joe, so that their bodies were flush once more.    Their erections rubbed together, and the friction was enough to make him moan. 

Hearing himself, feeling the heat rolling off Joe’s body, the way their hips were starting to grind more firmly together, he marveled that Joe was not awake.  He wrapped his available arm around Joe, to run a finger down his spine, down and down . . .

Even Joe wouldn’t feign sleep through this . . . would he?

No, of course not.

Joe groaned, eyelids fluttering, and Ken, seeing this, hearing it, immediately dared to kiss him, and fiercely, hoping to bring him to consciousness the best way- lip-locked and lightheaded from lack of oxygen, and horny as hell.

Joe responded, haltingly at first, his mouth falling open just enough for Ken to dart his tongue in, then more strongly, his arms tightening around Ken again, his pelvis rocking more emphatically.  His tongue stirred to life as Ken’s stroked it, then quite suddenly rose to stab back, and work its way into Ken’s mouth.

Joe’s mouth working against his own excited Ken even more.  He writhed against Joe with more urgency, his breath sucked away, as need swept over him.  Good, he thought dazedly, feels so good . . .

His hands were slipping on Joe’s skin, now, as sweat broke out, and he slid them down, raking his blunt nails over Joe’s back, then his sides.

His nose was pressed against Joe’s cheek.  His nostrils flooded with the scent of smoke and wind and perspiration and Joe . . .

The musk of arousal tickling his senses . . .

And there was a strange whimpering, panting sound that reached his ears as if from a long way off . . .

Precum slicking him, letting them glide so smoothly together . . .

Finally, he had to tear his mouth away, and gasped for air.  His blood roared loud in his ears, his heart thudding hard and fast against his ribs.  He fought to breathe for a moment, then opened his eyes and looked at Joe.

It was a mistake.  Joe was looking back at him, eyes wide, dilated so there was only a slim band of grey around huge pupils.  His mouth hung open, his lips slightly swollen, his cheeks flushed.

Then he licked his lips.

He looks . . . he looks . . .  Growling, Ken dipped back in and took Joe’s mouth again, a hand sliding up to fist in the thick brown hair.  He tilted Joe’s head back, and let his mouth wander down his throat, Joe’s pulse rapid against his lips.

The noise Joe made sent a tremor through Ken, as tightly strung with desire as he was.  He left suckling at the base of Joe’s throat, somehow eluded the hand that sought out his hair and pressed Joe onto his back.

“What the . . .” Ken cut off Joe’s angry words with another kiss, straddling his hips, keeping him pinned through his leverage and weight, hands on his wrists.

He wanted to press his hips against Joe’s again, but part of his pleasure-hazed mind warned dimly that this would give up the advantage.

And he wanted to take . . .

One way to keep him still . . .

He inched his way down Joe again, throat, collarbone, chest, pausing to pay homage to the nipples perked for his attention.  Joe lurched and groaned, arching up into his mouth.  Further down, still keeping hold of Joe’s arms, drawing them down, across trembling muscles, Ken dipped his tongue into Joe’s navel, then onward, following the treasure-trail of rough brown hair . . .

Joe gasped and his hips bucked as Ken brushed his cock.  Then, he growled wordlessly as Ken ignored it to nip at the insides of his thighs.

Ken smiled, despite the way Joe thrashed.  Driving you wild . . .

Then, quite suddenly, he took Joe in his mouth, and chuckled softly as the howl echoed in the small room.

Tastes so good . . . The precum was slightly salty on his tongue, and he lapped it up eagerly.

Sweat slicked his palms, allowing Joe’s wrists to turn in his grasp, but all he did was grab fistfuls of the sheets and moan.  Ken sucked slowly along his length, laving it with his tongue all the while.  Hardly aware of what he was doing, he released Joe’s wrists.  Of their own accord, his hands went to Joe’s hips, holding him still as he pleasured him.

It wasn’t easy; he bucked and twisted and fought as much as if Ken was keeping him from firing a missile.  Ken clung to him, fingers digging into the flesh of his hips.

Want you . . .  Somehow, Ken was surprised to find that he was thrusting his hips into empty air, so desperate was he for any contact.  But even when he noticed it, he found he couldn’t stop.   Joe . . . need you . . .

“Ken . . .” Joe’s deep voice cracked, and Ken raised his eyes, never leaving off what his mouth was doing.  Perspiration glistened as the advancing sun struck Joe’s body.  His head was thrown back, muscles all along his body taut and quivering.  One of his hands had unwound itself from the bed linens and was grasping something, trembling slightly.  He made a motion as if to offer the object to Ken.  “Oh, God . . .” His hips strained upwards against Ken’s hold.  “Ken . . .”

When he took it, he discovered it was a tube of lubricant, and rewarded Joe with a hum, deep in his throat.

Joe made a strangled sound through clenched teeth, and his hand clenched white knuckled in the sheets again.

Ken savored Joe as he pulled back, the thick fluid leaking from him coating his tongue in that salty-sweet taste.  His fingers shook, making him fumble with the tube for a long moment before finally getting it open.  A bit of pressure on one of Joe’s legs had him opening them wide with a husky groan of anticipation.  “Ready?” He was surprised at how unsteady his voice sounded.

“Ken . . .” The low sound of Joe calling his name set Ken’s nerves afire.

Joe’s legs were draped over his thighs, and the muscles twitched, so tightly strung with desire was he.  Ken was certain that Joe’s toes were curling, though he could not see.  His erection bobbed, nearly touching his stomach, saliva and precum leaving a puddle on his stomach.

Ken himself was just as hard; he could feel moisture weeping from his cock, tricking slowly down . . .

All he wanted was to bury himself in that tight warmth . . .

He snuck one lubed finger into Joe’s sphincter, and Joe bucked against him with a hoarse cry.  Ken’s cock throbbed in response, and he bit his lip, fighting for some form of control, because he was so tempted to just dive in . . .

The first finger was joined by a second, as he prepared Joe, his face feverishly hot.  Joe tossed his head back and forth on the pillow, panting, trying to gain some purchase to force Ken’s fingers in further.

“Oh, God, more . . .

“Wait . . .” He was so hot, so tight . . . Ken ripped his hand away, spread Joe’s legs a bit wider.   So slick were they both with sweat that Joe had to lock them around Ken to keep them from sliding off his thighs.


Lube . . . A hand on his cock had never felt so good.  Coated, dripping, he pressed forward . . .


And lost his mind as he sank into incredible heat.  He groaned loudly, shaking with the effort of holding himself back.

Joe’s body was a taut arch beneath him, waiting for him to seat himself fully.  Slowly, he did, then held quite still for an eternal second, trying to let Joe become accustomed to him.

But the way Joe’s internal muscles clasped around him was maddening, hot and tight and Ken couldn’t stop himself from pulling out and slamming home again and again . . .

Joe’s fingers were scrabbling at his hips, pelvis rocking , meeting him thrust for thrust.  Words that Ken couldn’t understand dribbled from his lips, interspersed with coherent fragments that almost pleaded with him . . .

Dimly, he pried one hand away from Joe’s hip, slid it over damp curling hair and wrapped it around the base of his cock.

This . . . ?

Joe’s entire body shook with the force of his orgasm, and he could not contain his shout of release.  Cum spattered up his stomach, covered Ken’s hand . . .

Ken’s eyes rolled back in his head, his body jerking, as Joe’s climax sent him over the edge as well.  After several long seconds, he collapsed forward onto Joe, both of them still fighting to catch their breath.

Eventually, their desperate gasps for air slowed, regulated.  One of Joe’s hands skimmed up Ken’s side, to swirl lazily over the skin of his shoulder.

“Hell of a wake-up call.”  Joe’s voice rumbled through his chest.

Ken smirked at the hint of  . . . awe? . . . in his tone, and sat up at last.  “Well, that’s what you get for breaking the alarm clock.”

Joe folded one arm behind his head and grinned up at him, completely unrepentant.  “Don’t think you’re gonna get me to replace it, then.”

Ken couldn’t help himself; he laughed.


July 18, 2004