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Fast Cars

Luke had thought his cousin was kidding - thought it was just a line of bull like he’d spun out nearly every day of their lives.

“- gonna make sweet love to it.”

Turns out, this one time, it wasn’t.

He’d seen it, of course – he knew his cousin loved the General.  Had seen the affectionate – no, more than that, Luke reflected, still in a state of shock, more like... passionate, even possessive – looks that Bo had given the car.  And jealous!  Good Lord, he hated to even let Luke touch the wheel.

So he shouldn’t have been surprised.  All the evidence was there, waiting to be put together, but still.  This... was a bit much.

But he couldn’t look away.

He told himself he was watching because it was so wrong - the way people watched car accidents or stood gaping at the swathe of destruction left in a tornado’s wake.  And maybe that was the truth.

Maybe Uncle Jesse had never run ‘shine, either.

Bo was bare-ass naked, spread out with the front seats cranked back, shift cuddled right up against him.  He was moving in ways that would have gotten him arrested a couple dozen times over - and proved that Daisy wasn’t the only one who knew how to move on a pole.

He was hard and red, his hand stroking slowly in time, sometimes crushing himself against the shift; sometimes just skidding over it with his fingertips.

Luke shivered at the sight of the horrible sinful sexy thing his cousin was doing in their car – with their car.  Right at this moment, though, he wasn’t sure he was ever going to be able to ride in it again.  Ever. 

Then, suddenly, he wondered how often Bo had done this before, and almost groaned at the thought.  He bit his lip sharply, to keep himself from making a sound.  I did not just think that.

Not that Bo would have heard him.  His eyes were shut, head thrown back, sweat plastering his hair darker against his skin; his lips closed tight and brows drawn together in concentration.

He spread his legs wider, and one of his hands slipped down, making him shift - and then he was moving faster, the General Lee rocking with his movements –

And Luke just wished, wished like anything that he could look away.  There was no way he wanted to see his cousin like this...

But he couldn’t.  Entranced, he stared, watching the General rocking with Bo, could hear the suspension creak just slightly, and dang if it didn’t look like the car was reciprocating, that the dang car was enjoying it...

Then it happened, even as he watched. 

Bo’s body tightened, a faint, faint whimper that Luke barely heard through the pounding of his ears - and it was done, it was over, and Luke could, and did, leave as fast as he could.

He’d come back around, and this time, he’d make a lot of noise.  There was nothing so desperate that he’d risk seeing that again – well, not so he could think of now...

But as he retreated, he couldn’t help but think, No wonder the General responds so well to Bo…