Joe says to Ken, "For such an uptight guy, you sure are a slut!" 

Ken pouts and crosses his arms and mutters, "I am NOT!"

Joe raises an eyebrow.  "Reeeally?  Me, Ryu -- who's next, Katse?"

Ken makes a face.  "Grant me SOME taste, Joe.  Imagine if Katse turned into a woman right in the middle of it . . . Eeew!"

Jun thwaps him and growls.  "You don't *really* want to answer to me, do you, Ken?"

Ken cowers.  "No, ma'am."

Joe guffaws.

Ryu is bright red, cowering in a corner.

Jun thwaps Joe.  "And you have no room to talk, what with all the *women* you bring back..."

Joe leans back.  "Weellll, Juney, you know, you could always . . . Yipe!"  He manages to duck Jun's enraged blow.

Jinpei kicks his ankles.  "Don't talk to one-chan like that!"

Joe growls at Jinpei, but gets no further before Jun slaps him down again.  To Ken, he says, "D'you ever get the feeling that you're henpecked?"

Ken is coiled up against a blushing Ryu.  "Not really."

Joe simply rolls his eyes.

Jun glares.  "Not here.  If you're going to do that -- OUT!"

Jinpei whines.  "Onee-chan!"

Jun thwaps Jinpei.

Ryu and Ken skitter out.

Joe looks at Jun on a rampage, Jinpei scurrying to do her bidding, and leaps up.  Shouting, "Hey, wait for me!" he dashes out behind Ken and Ryu.

Ryu glares at Joe, arms wrapped around Ken.  "I am not going to share him with you and your 10,000 women."

Ken sticks his tongue out at Joe. "Nyah!"

Joe sighs.  "You know those 10,000 women?  Divide that by 1,000, and that's how many I've really been with."  He makes puppy dog eyes at Ryu and Ken.  "Save me from Jun, please?"

Ryu snorts. "That's still 10 extra people you could be sharing germs with.  I ain't picking up anything from you and I sure as heck don't want *Ken* to get anything from you..."

Ken rolls his eyes.  "I'm sure Joe took the proper precautions, didn't you, Joe?"

Joe looks blank for a moment, then nods his head vigorously.

Ken looks back at Ryu.  "See?" He runs his fingers lightly over one of Ryu's muscular arms.  "He can play with us . . . can't he?"

Ryu glares.  "Ok."  He looks over his shoulder, at the Snack, and his eyes widen comically.  "Hurry!"  Gripping Joe's shoulder, he hustles them all out of the way of Jun in full cry.

Jun opens the door to the Snack and sees three male figures dashing down the street away from her.  She shakes her fist at them.  "Damn you!  Next time I'm going to charge you DOUBLE!!!"

Ken, hearing this, shudders.

Ryu runs faster.

Jinpei whimpers, behind Jun.

Joe calls back, "Sorry, squirt!  You'll just have to tough it out!"

Jinpei starts cursing, which earns him a stern *Look* from Jun.

Ryu tumbles them all into his house.  "Good thing this place is stocked." Leering, he lets them go.  "What do you want to do now?"

Joe rolls his eyes.  "Ken, haven't your wide and varied experiences taught him *anything* yet?"  He starts stripping off his tee-shirt.

Ken smirks.  "Yes."

Ryu grins.  Reaches over, and pins Joe in place as soon as his tee-shirt is off.

Ken's tongue sticks out of the corner of his mouth, as his hands feel around Joe's pants pockets for supplies.

Joe stutters.  "What are you . . . Oh!  . . . Hey, I thought you said . . . Hmmmm!  Fully stocked?"

Ken snickers.  "Oh, it's fully stocked all right . . . but I'm just making sure YOU are fully stocked . . ."

Ryu's grin widens.  "Or fully *stoked*, maybe."

Joe's mouth opens, and shuts, all the blood rushing to his cock from his brain.  "Ah..."

Ken deftly unfastens Joe's pants and yanks them down, not bothering to pull them further down than Joe's thighs.

Joe squirms.  "Y'know, that could get a little uncomfortable . . ."

Ken grins up at him in a way that's not entirely reassuring.

Ryu's massive hands start wandering over Joe's chest.  "Don't think about it," he counsels softly.  "Think about *this* instead . . . " and he pinches a nipple.

Joe arches up involuntarily, his mouth opening wide to suck in air -- until Ryu's tongue cuts off his supply.

Ken chuckles, admiring the picture they make, his fingers stroking through Joe's pubic hair.  Then he bends down so that he is eye to eye (so to speak) with a different part of Joe's anatomy.

Joe's eyes flare wide for a moment, and his fingers clench on Ryu's arms, as he registers that something warm and wet has swallowed him.  Then his eyes slowly, slowly sink shut, and the pleasure flows through him.

Ryu deepens the kiss, forcing his tongue even further in to Joe's mouth, fingers plucking at his other nipple.

Ken hums thoughtfully, and plays with Joe's balls, stroking them, pushing them gently up, pulling lightly at their hair.

Joe shudders in Ryu's arms, then gasps when Ryu finally pulls his mouth away.  The big hands start to run all over his chest now, then his belly, then one hand leaves him.  He slits his eyes open enough to see that it has come to rest on Ken's head . . . bobbing up and down as he sucks.

Ken's hands on his balls are a delirious pleasure, and then one finger probes delicately behind them, and . . . "Damn!" . . . another jolt runs through him.

Ryu chuckles, threading his fingers through Ken's hair, and pulling him up.  "You really don't want to end the fun, now, do you?"

Ken reluctantly lets go of Joe with a wet *pop*.  "I suppose."  Gently he trails one finger along the spit-slick length.  "There are better places to put this..."

Joe's eyes widen; he's never, ever, not in a million years imagined how . . . *sexy* that lascivious tone would be falling from Ken's mouth.  He trembles with the effort of not reaching out and pulling Ken's head back to him and just fucking the hell out of his mouth.

Ken smiles slowly at the *look* on Joe's face. Deliberately, he turns to Ryu, pulling his face down for a long kiss with a lot of tongue.  He arches up into his body, hands wrapped around his neck, feeling those large hands trail down his body, unfastening his pants, and shoving them down.

Joe, watching their tongues tangle in front of him, feels a little stab of jealousy.  Watching Ryu's huge hands on Ken's lithe body inflames him more.  He twists slightly and manages to get his hands on Ryu's own belt.  Then he undoes his pants and sneaks a hand inside.  His other hand, meanwhile, has followed Ryu's, and is joining it in fondling Ken.

Ryu breaks free of the breath stealing kiss, groaning at the touch of Joe's hand.  Turning, he fumbles with a drawer, and then pulls out a bottle of edible lube.  Coating one hand, he uses the other to recapture Ken's lips, even as his slick fingers play with Ken's ass.

Joe smirks at hearing Ryu's groan, and continues to work his hand up and down the heat he has found.

Ken shudders as Ryu's fingers, lubed but thick, find his hole and start massaging it.  Joe's hand on his cock is driving him wild, and he presses alternately forward and back, seeking more contact from both hands.

Ryu sinks a finger into Ken, reaching for the spot that will -- Ken stiffens, his cry muffled by Ryu's tongue, his body tensing, hands clenching on Ryu's shoulders.

Ryu murmurs his satisfaction, even as he works his finger, coaxing Ken's hole to open more.

Ken's cock quivers in Joe's hand, and he strokes it again, loving the way the blue eyes look, half-lidded passion-bright crescents.  His other hand is busy with Ryu.  He can feel the minute shudders that run through the big body, and that fills him with satisfaction.

He's feeling a bit neglected, though; Ryu's hand has stilled on his belly, not quite close enough to give him any pleasure, and Ken's hands are clenched in Ryu's shirt.

Saliva drips from their mouths, spattering on his chest.

Once Ken is loose enough, Ryu breaks free -- and peels Joe's hands away from their bodies.  "You'll like this."

Ken's eyes glitter; he bends down and kisses Joe, tongue reaching out to explore.

Joe closes his eyes as Ken's tongue slips into his mouth, and lets his own rub against the invader.  He wishes Ryu would let go his hands, so he can thread one into the sweat-damp flyaway hair above him, and hold Ken's mouth against his own.  But Ryu's fingers hold his wrists firmly.

Then he feels Ken move above him, body shifting, tee-shirt brushing the sensitized flesh of his belly.

Slowly, Ken sinks down on top of Joe, head thrown back, legs trembling with the effort of moving agonizingly slow.

Ryu chuckles at the look on Joe's face; he glides one hand down to tease at Joe's hole.

Joe gasps at the sudden feel of slickness and heat surrounding him, and his eyes fly open, to see Ken on his lap, slowly, slowly, lowering to take him in.  The very sight is too erotic to watch for long, the way Ken looks, so he closes his eyes again.

Then he feels something at his ass, something thick and a little slippery, and groans, trembling, as it starts swirling around his hole.

Vaguely, he hopes that Ryu's cock is not quite as big as the rest of him . . .

As if to regain his attention, Ken slides the last little bit down and *clenches* him slightly.  Joe gasps, hips bucking, and tries again to free his hands.

Ryu laughs softly, air moving against his ear.  "Oh, no.  You're not going to use your hands." Ken's laughter, in front of him, is a bit more breatheless, but just as sincerely evil.

Ryu stretches Joe, pushing him up into Ken, stroking down on his prostate, nibbling on his ear.

Joe snarls, wanting to declare that he'll use his hands if he wants to!  But Ryu's grip is unbreakable, and Ken's movements are doing wonderful things to his pleasure center but not much for coordination.  Never mind that Ryu's finger *inside* him is teasing him, gently skating over his prostate, making him grab for control and simply hope he could hang on.

The wet breath in his ear, the tickling tonuge, and Ken's gasps . . . Joe clenches his hands into fists, even confined as they are, and hopes that digging his fingernails into his own palms will keep him from climaxing too soon.

Then Ryu worms a second finger into him, and he's not so sure it'll work.

Ryu leans over Joe, fingers continuing to move, and kisses Ken again, tongue moving in a rhythm that his fingers echo.

Ken clenches around Joe, one hand falling almost absently to tease one of Joe's nipples, the other winding deep into Ryu's hair.

Joe had never realized before that his nipples were connected so closely to his dick.  He arched up into Ken's touch, groaning.  Hungry wet noises above him made him open his eyes again, and he sees Ryu and Ken kissing deeply once more.  The sight is so *hot* that his hips buck involuntarily, slamming him up into Ken, then down onto Ryu's hand, and he whimpers softly as sensations jolt through him.

Ryu's fingers have loosened him considerably, scissoring him open, and now they slip away.  This time, his whine is louder, enough to draw Ken's attention back to him.

Ken watches avidly as Joe's face slakens with desire, as a moan is torn from his throat while Ryu slides slowly, thoroughly inside.   Bending down, hissing as Joe's cock shifts inside of him, Ken rubs his nose against Joe's cheek.  "Amazing, isn't he?"  His fingers tighten on Joe's chest.

He can't even nod in response to Ken's question; all he can do is shake with the effort of holding his orgasm at bay.  Ken's fingers against his perspiration damp chest don't help, as they twitch against his nipples.  He turns his head, catches Ken's ear with his teeth, and nips at it, panting harshly.

Filling and filled, heat around him and in him . . . He releases Ken's ear to whisper, "Oh, God . . ."

Ken, hearing this, smirks, flips his hair out of his eyes, and starts to stake himself again on Joe.

Ryu reaches around Joe and wraps one huge hand around Ken's dribbling erection.

Ken keens, moving faster, Ryu smoothly accomodating him, Joe wailing in between them, conducting Ryu's thrusts to Ken, Ken's forceful rocking to Ryu.

Fascinated, Joe is not able to take his eyes off Ryu's massive paw stroking Ken.  *I want to . . . I want to . . .* but Ryu would not let him.

Ken thrusts himself down again and again, gasping, shaking with pleasure, and Joe can not stop the sounds falling from his own lips, and Ryu's breathing is growing deep and gutteral in his ear . . .

Then Ken throws his head back with a cry, and hot white splatters over Joe's chest, and the way Ken is rippling around him makes him echo Ken less than a heartbeat later, his climax washing over him so hard that his vision greys out at the edges.

Ken collapses onto Joe's chest, as Ryu rocks them both once, twice more, and cums into Joe with a low groan and his teeth locked into Joe's shoulder.

Sighing, Ryu pries himself gently out of Joe, who groans at the feel of Ryu slipping out of him.

Studying the limp mass of cum-splattered flesh, Ryu briskly rubs his hands together.  "That went pretty well.  You ready for a turn in the middle, Ken?"

Ken opens one sleepy blue eye and tries to summon up a ghost of his usual fierce glare, then gives it up as a bad job and closes it again.

Sandwiched between them, Joe is beyond speech.  He's simply staring past Ken's shoulder at the ceiling, completely dazed.

Ryu sighed.  "No stamina."  Shrugging, he wanders off, absently hitching his pants up, in search of a washcloth and some warm water.

Ken sighs into Joe's neck.

Joe blinks.  "No stamina? Where in the *hell* does he find the stamina to move, much less walk, after that?"

Ken chuckles. "Being with Ryu has been a learning experience, for me."

Ryu ambles back in, and casually pries them apart despite their protests.  "You're gonna get stuck together if you stay like *that*."  Matter-of-factly, he swabs them down, scrubbing the washcloth in some sensitive areas.

Ken wriggles, Joe twitches, but both submit to their cleansing, simply because they haven't the strength to protest too vigorously.

Hands propped on his hips, Ryu stares down at them and shakes his head.  "I don't know about you two, but I could do with a snack."  He leers at them, then innocently asks, "I've got some bananas, if you're hungry . . ."

Joe groans, and flops his arm over his eyes.  "Ken, how do you *deal* with this?"

Ken shakes his head. "*That's* why I wanted you to join us..."

Ryu grins down at them.  "Yeah. He said I was . . . What was it again?" He looks up at the ceiling as if it holds the answer, then his face brightens.  "Oh, yeah!  Insatiable?"

Joe moans.  "What the *hell* did you get me into, Ken?"

Ken sniggers, and cuddles closer.