Seven Brothers

Because I am inordinately susceptible to suggestion, the show that I watched trying to get some western feel to work on the Western Voltron fic completely ensnared me.  I started watching The Magnificent Seven television series, because it was here and the bf was watching it anyway, and I figured, “what the hell?”

It completely backfired on me.  Not only have I not finished the Voltron Western, I’ve been writing, thinking, living, breathing The Magnificent Seven for the past few months.  (At least I’ve dragged some people into the sandbox with me this time. *grin*)

So, yes. After my brief foray into het with Buffy, I’m heading back to my slashy roots. Of course, given the massive amount of Chris/Vin and slightly lesser amount of Chris/Buck fic, I completely fall for the pairing of Chris/Ezra. (Yes, those two pretty boys up at the top of the page.) But honestly, the kind of push-pull relationship they would likely have is what really draws me in. And at this point (September 2010), I’ve already written enough (and plan to write enough more!) that they warrant their own page.

The Magnificent Seven fictions


The world of the Magnificent Seven is absolutely rife with alternate universes. The boys are just so mythic that their archetypes can be plugged into all different kinds of universes, from the original Old West to the modern ATF.

So it comes as no surprise that someone would try their hand at a Steampunk alternate universe. What did come as a surprise was that it was me, at the behest of my dear friend Todesengel. She asked for Josiah as a mad scientist and the rest, as they say, is history.

Also: make sure you read the other fics in the Steampunk!verse written by Mendax and Todesengel!

Honeymoon Trail

mag7daybook instituted Friday prompts, which I find nearly irresistable. During discussion one time, JoJo came out with an absolutely searingly hot ficlet, and it was just like catnip; I couldn't resist playing with the backstory. Out of that playing grew a number of fics and ficlets between the two of us. The full series includes both JoJo's fics and mine, but only mine are listed below. The numbers in parentheses indicate the position of the fic in the series.

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