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If you want to know the truth, I started writing fanfiction when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Voltron, Defender of the Universe (Vehicle Voltron) was on TV and my brother and I watched it faithfully every day. So intrigued was I by the show that I wrote a story. Actually, there were three connected stories, and I envisioned them as an episode arc. Of course, being only 10, the stories themselves weren't that great, and of course, I set my main character (a Mary Sue if there ever was one) up to be Jeff's love interest. My only defense is that I didn't know any better.

A few years later, I got into Robotech. That spawned a trilogy of which the first two "books" were a very thinly veiled re-write of Macross and Mospeada, though the third volume was slightly more original (and very loosely based on Lion Voltron).

Then there were several years of poetry that wasn't really too bad, and a failed collaboration with a friend that never got much beyond the planning stage, though Jess and I had all three books mapped out. After high school, college sucked up a lot of time, of course, so time for writing became slim. Post-college meant work, and that meant even less time. Writing was more or less something I thought about but never did. Then in May of 2001, I watched The Vision of Escaflowne, got an idea, started writing and haven't looked back. Or something.

I find it interesting that, eventually, I returned to my roots and am now writing Voltron fanfiction again... if of a slightly different nature.

Currently, I have written fanfic for Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman, also known in the US as Battle of the Planets, The Vision of Escaflowne and Voltron, both for the Lions and for the vehicles, as well as the Lord of the Rings (definitely based on the film trilogy) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hey, this is almost an archive! (Note: other fandoms will be added as fics are finished.)

While as a child I bought into the potential pairings in both Gatch/Battle of the Planets (Mark and Princess) and Voltron (Keith and Allura, and Sven and Romelle), I find I no longer do. Now, I'd much rather see the commanders get together with their seconds; i.e., Ken/Joe, Keith/Lance and Jeff/Cliff (or, more recently, Jeff/Shannon, that guy with the Irish accent from the Sea Team). And to segue into a related topic, the slash between the names of the couple gives the genre "slash" its name.

That's right, folks. As you saw on the warning page, most of the stories you will find stored here are slash, or yaoi. They'll be marked as such, I promise. In addition, everything will be rated, from "G" for pretty harmless stuff through "NC-17" for those graphic scenes. I hope you paid attention to the warning page; if you're underage and poking about in here, I'm not going to get in trouble for it.

Choose your poison! Or scroll down and see what strikes your fancy.

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